About Stripper Sextion

I founded Stripper Sextion with the intent to empower women of every size to own their sexy, and feel more confident showing off their beautiful body. 

With that concept in mind, I sought out top brands that sell to retailers like mine. Brands that offer products in a variety of styles, sizes, and material. Whether it be exotic dance wear, lingerie or even products that accessorize the outfit. I wanted products that cater to all women, and yes...even men. 

I chose the business name Stripper Sextion, with the mind frame that any women can be exotic and sexy. I wanted women in general to embrace their "inner stripper" per se. Any facility can become a stage platform, (a bedroom for instance) while enticing your significant other's sexual arousal, and building your self confidence. This theory also works vise versa for men. Men can wear an under garment or top that he feels will grab the attention of his mate. What women wouldn't mind a nice strip tease from their hunky man showing off his muscles to her?

Embrace your sexy,

Dawn from Stripper Sextion